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Spring Forward with The Festival of Innovation at Phantom Peak

This spring, explore The Festival of Innovation, Phantom Peak’s showcase of inventions and astounding creations, in an immersive experience which “stands head and shoulders above every other immersive experience in London”!

Jonas has uncovered an unthinkable marvel, a new form of diamant which could change the town forever! But his generosity knows no bounds, as Jonas has decided to share his new discovery with townsfolk and tourists alike. JONACO has announced the Festival of Innovation, a showcase and competition for townsfolk, tourists, and citizens across the ridge to display their ingenuity and create marvelous machines to create a better world for human (and platypus) -kind!

Step into a world beyond your wildest dreams, and discover the possibilities of a new diamant-powered life at Phantom Peak.
Help townsfolk push the limits of the laws of nature with their new inventions, compete in the JONACO Innovation Olympics, and uncover Jonas’s true intentions for his new diamant (that last one is just for nosey, ungrateful, unattractive tourists)!
Phantom Peak is “London’s top immersive attraction” with something for everyone! Come celebrate spring in a steampunk western town, and explore JONACO’s innovations for yourself!


This spring, flowers aren’t the only things blooming in Phantom Peak! The frost of Wintermas has melted away, uncovering a new powerful resource that JONACO are all too happy to get their hands on: a new form of synthetic, sustainable diamant!
But in a dizzying twist, the spring sunshine has seemingly warmed Jonas’s chilly disposition towards collaboration. Instead of expertly moulding his discovery into ingenious inventions himself, Jonas has announced the first ever Festival of Innovation, a competition for townsfolk to display their ingenuity and discover the possibilities within the new form of diamant!
Join us to explore a revolutionary new chapter of Phantom Peak, London’s most immersive spring celebration, and explore the cutting edge of JONACO’s future.


What to Expect at The Festival of Innovation, Phantom Peak’s spring season

Greetings, Friend of Phantom Peak.

Spring is finally upon us, bringing sunshine and a host of new innovations! The residents of Phantom Peak have been busy creating delightful new creations, here’s what to expect:

  • 10 Groundbreaking Trails: This season promises an exciting new storyline which will explore the past, present, and future of Phantom Peak!
  • New Areas to Explore: with Father Platmas firmly ousted from the town once more, the townsfolk have been hard at work redesigning the reclaimed areas to be better than ever!
  • The Innovation Olympics: Introducing an exciting new way to engage with the world of Phantom Peak! The Innovation Olympics will offer a puzzling challenge sweeping the entire town!
  • New Games and Events: with new inventions comes a host of exciting new ways to engage with the townsfolk! Create your own inventions, become a valued member of the JONACO team, or conspire with the evil resistance!
  • Enjoy New Spring Treats: The Thirsty Frontier Saloon has an extra pep in their step with the extra daylight! Treat yourself to indulgent new cocktails as you explore the town!
  • Corporate Parties and Events: Book Phantom Peak for an office gathering that your employees will never forget!The Festival of Innovation is a one-of-a-kind experience which can only be explored at Phantom Peak, London’s “Top Immersive Attraction”. But hurry, tickets are selling fast!

Happy Spring,
The Phantom Peak Team

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