Dance Along With Igglepiggle and Friends

Igglepiggle, Upsy Daisy, Makka Pakka and friends are on tour now in his spectacular show called Igglepiggle’s Busy Day! In the Night Garden Live is the first and only place where your child can play, sing and dance along with all their favourite characters from the TV show in real life!

Can your little one clap, wave, wiggle and jump like Igglepiggle? Do they know the words to Upsy Daisy’s song?

Now you can teach them!

Watch these video clips of all the best musical bits from the show - with easy-to-read captions to help you sing-a-long too!

Dance with Igglepiggle

Sing Upsy Daisy’s Song

Clap For Makka Pakka

Wave At The Tombliboos

Count With The Pontipines

After you’ve watched the videos, why not join in with Igglepiggle and friends in real life at In the Night Garden Live when they visit a venue near you!

Find your venue and book your tickets now to start making unforgettable magical memories in your local theatre, before your child grows up!


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