How to make a Christmas paper chain

It’s time to put the Christmas decorations up and get that festive feeling! What better way to decorate your children’s bedroom than doing a fun activity together and creating some paper chains that they can colour in themselves.

What you’ll need:

Printer to download our pattern

Here is our how to guide on making these paper chains.

  1. Click the button below to download our Christmas paper chain pattern and print it off.
Christmas chain pattern
  1. Colour in the paper chains with your children – we like the colours red and green!
Christmas chain step1
  1. Cut the individual chain links out. Be careful with the scissors!
Christmas chain step2Christmas chain step3
  1. Glue the side of the paper chain link that says ‘stick to the other end’ and fold over to make a circle.
Christmas chain step4
  1. Slide the next paper chain link into the circle you’ve made and glue the ends together to make another circle.
Christmas chain step5
  1. Repeat until you have a beautiful festive chain!
Christmas chain step6
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