Make Easter rabbit puppet with Aiysha!🐰

Happy Easter!

Easter is a great time to be at home with family - playing games, eating Easter Eggs and getting crafty. So why not make this fabulous Easter Bunny puppet. He can hop, hop, hop!!!

All the things you need are hopefully easy to find in the house.

Watch Aiysha Nugent-Robinson here, explaining how to make the puppet. You can pause the video when you need, to follow the instructions.

You can download and print this template for the shapes to cut out (or draw them yourself!).

What you’ll need:

2 pennies
 cutout sheet or piece of cardboard
 paper cup
 colourful pens or pencils 
 sello tape
 lolly stick
a piece of string
 pva glue

Once you’ve made your Easter Rabbit, time for a puppet show! We’d love to see your puppets, so take a photo and tag us on facebook, instagram or twitter. Don’t forget to share this with friends, and have a wonderful Easter!