SEA LIFE London Behind The Scenes Tour

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The Behind the Scenes Tour will give you privileged access to the working areas usually closed to the public where you can discover how we care for over 600 marine and fresh-water species and see how the fish food is prepared!

EXPLORER? COME THIS WAY! Dive in and explore an underwater world of glittering scales, waddling feet and razor-sharp teeth at the UK’s flagship SEA LIFE aquarium located on London’s popular Southbank.

Get ready to be amazed as you come face-to-fin with over 7,000 fin-tastic marine creatures. Brave the depths of the Pacific before trekking through the Amazon Rainforest. Glide alongside our Sea turtles waddle with our Gentoo penguins and discover our brand new Polar Adventure. 

Talks and activities as well as regular feeds take place throughout the day for the Octopus’s, Rays, Penguins, Sharks and Rainforest creatures.

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