New review for Lion King  “👍 I give it 500 out of 10!!!!!”

Sonia Ali was given tickets as a gift, and took her sons aged 5 and 7 “Our boys loved it. The actors are amazingly talented and overwhelmed us with their great acting and singing skills. We all had a good laugh at some points, some characters were very funny (no spoilers). It’s by far the best musical we’ve ever seen, and we would definitely love to watch it again.”

Watch the video of the Ali family day out and find out why the boys gave it 500 out of 10

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The lion king production shots

Becky loved the singing and dancing, and takes away very happy memories.

“The show was simply amazing. The singing was spot on as was the acting. The sets were very impressive. Our daughter loved the show and it was an experience for all of us.”

Mel took her family to celebrate a special birthday.

“Lion King is just a brilliant family show. Nothing like the Disney cartoon – the famous costumes and the make up are just mesmerising to watch. Seen it twice and will probably do so again. Tube station is Covent Garden or Leicester Square so loads of places to eat”.

Why do kids love Lion King so much?

Originally a Disney film, the musical keeps their attention as it’s fast moving, with great songs, dramatic dancing and spectacular special effects. Children identify with the fears and triumphs of Simba as a young cub and his relationship with his family. The Lyceum is a family-friendly theatre with booster seats and great staff. It’s the ideal introduction to the world of theatregoing for any youngster.

Why is the show so special?

Sets and costumes designed by award-winning director Julie Taymor and music by Elton John make for a theatrical entertainment unlike anything else on Broadway or London’s West End. There are now 24 global productions in 19 countries, making it the highest grossing stage show worldwide. It’s not surprising that Lion King has received 11 Tony Award nominations and more than 70 major arts awards worldwide.

Why do grown ups like it too?

Based on Hamlet, the storyline deals with timeless themes of love, loyalty, family, duty and destiny. The stirring songs have become timeless classics and the magnificent staging is as magical today as when the first production aired in 1997. Performers leap like gazelles, giraffes stride the stage on stilts and the lion headpieces tower over the audience. There are lighter moments too with comic turns from some of the animals that will have you in stitches. It’s the kind of show that lives in your memory for years to come.

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