Peppa Pig has a new adventure – her Best Day Ever

Find out what happened when Suzanna took her toddler Mya to see Peppa Pig’s Best Day Ever!

“I didn’t think she would be able to sit through the whole thing but she was fully engaged which was amazing”

Real customers share their stories

Roberta and her son had an amazing day out and loved seeing their favourite characters.

“Thought it was brilliant! The show is a mix of puppets and mascot-type characters alongside a live actress, Daisy. The actors do the voices and all the performers were very talented. The characters appeared very lifelike and true to the cartoon my boy loves.”

Harley booked the show as something fun to do with his daughter aged 2½.

“She is a massive Peppa Pig fan so its no wonder she enjoyed this! The show really got the audience involved in a brilliant way and there were some great souvenirs! We would watch again!”

Suzanna was given tickets as a gift, and loved seeing the look on daughter’s face.

“My daughter is obsessed with Peppa Pig and was so happy when all the characters came out on stage looking very real just like on TV! She was fully engaged throughout and even started singing along, Staff were also very lovely and helpful.”

Peppa Pig's best Day ever Production shots

Why do kids love Peppa so much?

Playing games, dressing up, days out and jumping in puddles… these are some of the favourite things that make Peppa pig snort with joy. Funnily enough, toddlers the world over love these activities as well, so it’s not surprising that the cheeky little piggy has legions of young fans.

Why is the show so special?

Children just can’t believe their eyes when they see their favourite characters singing and dancing and looking so lifelike. For many little ones this brilliant live show is their first ever trip to the theatre.

Why do grown ups like it too?

There’s a proper storyline, with plenty of adventures in caves and castles, with dragons and dinosaurs, ice cream and of course, jumping into muddy puddles. The action is perfectly timed for little ones as it takes place in two parts, each just over half an hour each, with a long 20 minute break in the middle to stock up on drinks, snacks and Peppa books and souvenirs.

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